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Heading off to a tropical island or relaxing resort? Whether you’re reclining on a deck chair or lying on the beach, you’ll want to look your best.

Many clients ask if you can still get a sun tan underneath your spray tan – and the answer is, yes you can! A spray tan is ideal for tiding you over while you’re in the process of getting a tan, avoiding that awkward ‘just arrived on the beach’ glare.

Here is our best advice for getting and maintaining the perfect resort tan.

Before you go

It’s best to get your tan on the last night before you head off, so that it lasts for as long as possible.

Make sure your skin is in the idea condition, by shaving or waxing the day before your spray tan, exfoliating all over, and showering away any deodorant, makeup or moisturizer

Pop some and into your suitcase

While you’re away

Apply (moisturizer name) after every shower

Top up your tan with (classic self tanner)

Avoid chlorinated pools and spas or have a shower straight afterwards – chlorine will whiten your tan

Stay out of the sauna

Have fun on the beach! As the beach is a natural environment, it won’t affect your tan at all, so make the most of it!