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Perfect for any self tan mistakes and to remove tanning lotion from fingers and hands, the St. Tropez Self Tan Remover works in an instant to remove unwanted spots or streaks. Don’t worry if you don’t notice it straight away, the remover will work on spots up to four hours after your application.

If you are looking to add a shine to your skin that will make you stand out from the crowd, St. Tropez Gold Skin Illuminator is for you.

Leaving you with a glowing complexion and a striking finish, the Gold Skin Illuminator can be used on your legs, arms and décolletage.

Another benefit of this product is that it will help to keep the skin hydrated, which can stop the drying out of ones makeup.

If you are a regular self-tanner, the St. Tropez tan Build Up Remover Mitt is a must have product. There are three main uses for it:

  • You can easily remove any built up tan
  • Effortlessly fix any mistakes you have made when applying your tan
  • If your tan is patchy or has streaks, you can improve its appearance.

The St. Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt has been designed in order to quickly, easily and effectively remove any build-up of tan as well as to remove dry skin by buffing it away.
Regular use of this mitt will help to keep your skin soft and tanned to your liking as it can be used to correct mistakes such as patchiness and streaks.

This soft spongy tan application mitt is perfect for evenly distributing your tanning lotion, gel or mousse onto the skin in order to get perfect streak-free results.

If you hate the usual hand staining that is associated with self tanning, this mitt will help you, its water-resistant barrier will ensure there is no staining to the palms.

St. Tropez Dark Self Tan Bronzing Spray is designed to deliver an even, smooth and dark tan through its super-fine spray.

Perfect for any one looking for a more intense, natural looking tan, it has been designed to provide the darkest, most intense self tan colour yet.

With the addition of Aloe Vera and various other protective ingredients, this spray provides an even, streak-free finish that lasts longer without going patchy.

This product contains both our Aromaguard technology which removes the tell-tale smell of spray tan by a minimum of 70% and our 360 degree technology which allows you to spray from any angle.

This product is for you if you want the same gorgeous colour achieved by a St. Tropez professional spray tan. With the ease of 360° spray technology, allows you to spray at any angle, it’s the best way to tan your back!
This super-fine self tan spray delivers the ultra-even, ultra-smooth all-over tan you’ve always wanted. Simply spray all over your body for a perfect glow.

Infused with conditioning aloe vera and long-lasting colour, you’ll have a perfectly natural looking tan with the benefits of an instant colour. With 360° spray technology. Our innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance.

St. Tropez Bronzing Powder is a fine, matte pressed powder in a deluxe compact. It can be applied directly onto the face or body and works to accentuate a self-tan. This Bronzing Powder comes in one versatile shade to suit all skin tones, and does not contain glitter or lanolin. The bronzer is a medium-dark shade with a matt finish, and can be used alone, or in conjunction with other products. This petite compact is easily stored and works wonders to supplement golden, natural looking skin.

St. Tropez Body Polish is perfect for buffing and refining your skin in order to create a longer-lasting-tan, whilst leaving your body refreshed and feeling polished all over.

Designed with smooth round beads, they gently roll over the surface of your skin without scratching it, which can cause a patchy tan.

St. Tropez Body Polish’s formula is paraben-free and is the perfect solution for people looking to maintain their tan and ensure that it fades evenly and not in patches. It is suggested that this product is used every two to three days in order to maintain a flawless tan.

With a luxurious blend of essential oils, herbs, Aloe Vera and botanicals, our paraben free St. Tropez Body Moisturiser will give you a richer, longer lasting tan.

Our number one tip for a natural looking tan is to ensure that skin is well moisturised and this daily moisturiser is the best way to ensure skin is hydrated and supple.

Our Body moisturiser is essential prior to applying self-tan products and is currently used by tanning salons around the world to custom blend the tan for their clients in problem areas.

It can also be used after a suntan too as the Aloe Vera in the moisturiser will help to sooth and hydrate the skin.

The St. Tropez salon inspired Self Tan Bronzing Lotion is specially formulated to give its users an unparalleled deep rich tan.

This lotion is infused with a number of different features including our Aromaguard technology and Aloe Vera, in order to give you a streak-free, long lasting self tan that has a pleasant scent, unlike most traditional bronzing lotions.